SKINS Women's DNAmic Sport Recovery Long Tights

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Rest your tired legs and refuel muscles after training in SKINS SPORT RECOVERY Women's Long Tights for women. We combined our best compression tech with comfortable features like no inner leg seams and a soft waistband to revitalise your legs in time for tomorrows session. Wear them after exercise for medium-strength recovery or while you travel to reduce swelling and discomfort in your lower legs.

Product Features
  • Dynamic Gradient Compression - SKINS most advanced compression technology increases muscle oxygenation, stabilises active muscles and reduces blood lactate build up, to enhance performance and speed up recovery time.
  • SKIN fit - SKINS unique sizing system is based on our unique Body Mass Index (BMI)/anthropometrical algorithm, because you only get the full benefits of gradient compression if your SKINS fits you properly
  • Warp Knit - SKINS compression fabric is made from a warp knitted mix of yarns that give you a carefully calculated level of stretch for controlled compression and durability.
  • Innovative compression technology improves your blood circulation, aids in muscle recovery and muscle fatigue after a gruelling sweat session